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Hello. My name is James Watts and I'm a very busy person.

I'm a full-time student majoring in Web Development and minoring in English at UA Little Rock. The plan for now is to graduate after the Fall semester of 2018. See the Education tab for a list of various projects and assignments I've completed for school.

I spent most of my teens and twenties playing music and touring the country. I don't do this as often as I'd prefer anymore but if you'd like to listen to some of the music I recorded not so long ago, I've provided links under the Music tab to the Spotify page of two of the bands.

I play guitar more often these days teaching lessons. I don't teach full-time but I'm always open to taking on a student if I can possibly fit it into my schedule. See the Music tab for how to contact me about lessons.

I've been married to a great woman named Jesi since 2014. She deals with me somehow. In 2015, her and I purchased a 100 year old, gigantic house that needed a lot of work. We use the extra space to rent rooms on Airbnb and pour the money from it back into the remodel. This itself is a full time burden of anxiety but can also be very rewarding. See the Business tab for a link to our profile if you want to book a trip to Little Rock.

I pay the bills working heavily part-time at a restaurant called Heights Taco and Tamale. I've been waiting tables there since it opened in 2015. If I didn't notice myself getting too old to wait tables I'd most likely just stay here but the service industry is best for one's youth.

There are lots of updates to come. I'll be adding pictures and progress updates on remodeling projects past and future. I'll add tour dates as they come to the Shows section, which I also plan to add. Hopefully, I'll be uploading new music soon also.