My Assessment

The most important goal of effective communication is clarity. Clarity is not the same as simplicity . Often, simple things are clear if the message is intended to be brief and small, but often the message is about a complex relationship that can only be presented with a necessarily large amount of data.

This complexity can be made to appear clear by effective organization and presentation and need not be reduced to meaningless "bite-sized" chunks of data, as simplification usually does.

Clarity refers to the focus on one particular message or goal at a time, rather than attempting to accomplish too much at once. Simplicity is often responsible for the "dumbing" of information rather than the illumination of it.


Please answer the following questions below. Remember to markup the information properly using HTML

Explain the difference between the "alt" attribute and the "title" attribute.

The alt attribute stands for alternative and is used if an image can't be loaded for some reason on the users machince. It is also read by screen readers. The title attribute is what displays when you hover over an image as a general name for the image displayed.

Please provide an example below of how to mark up a definition from the dictionary

a book or electronic resource that lists the words of a language (typically in alphabetical order) and gives their meaning, or gives the equivalent words in a different language, often also providing information about pronunciation, origin, and usage.
I don't always use responsive design

Provide an example of link pointing to your site & create a style rule to change the background color of the link when the user hovers over it.